Dog Parks in Batavia

One of our favorite things to do is play at local dog parks with our furry friends, and we feel truly blessed to have such an amazing selection at our fingertips.  Whether your pup needs a fully fenced enclosure or you both enjoy off leash dog hiking, there’s a perfect park for you!


Batavia Bark Park

40W101 W. Main Street at West Main Community Park, Batavia
Hours of Operation: Sunrise – Sunset
Permit: None
Size/Breed Restrictions: None

Review:  This is one of our favorite dog parks.   The Bark Park boasts hiking trails, a large fenced dog park, and a large pond for the pups to cool down in during the summer months.  All areas of the park offer shade, making this a great park no matter what the season may bring.  The patrons are responsible, friendly, and respectful of this great space.  The Bark Park recently incorporated a frisbee golf course amongst the hiking trails.  Though the patrons of the course tend to be dog friendly, we recommend paying close attention to your pups so they don’t disturb them.


Aurora West Off Leash Dog Area

40w244 Hankes Road, Aurora
Hours of Operation: Sunrise – Sunset
Permits: None
Size/Breed Restrictions: None

Review:  Aurora West Off Leash Dog Area offers great field and forest hiking for you and your dog.  It should be noted that this park is not fenced, so if your dog is a runner this park may not be appropriate for you.  There is approximately 1 mile of off-leash trails in addition to an on-leash trail through nature preserves.  There is no water source at this park so I recommend bringing water for your pup during the summer months.  My only complaint about this park is that its patrons aren’t always diligent about cleaning up after their dogs, and by not always I mean hardly ever.


Gregory Island Dog Park

Indian Trail @ the Fox River (Route 25), Aurora
Hours of Operations: Sunrise – Sunset
Permits: $15 residents, $30 non-residents.  Apply online or in-person:
Size/Breed Restrictions: None

Review:  There are things that I really like about this park and things that I’m not very enthusiastic about.  There is a large and completely fenced small dog area as well as a beautiful and very spacious area for large dogs that is fenced where it meets the parking lot.  Both areas are perfect for a game of fetch with your pup or a romping good time with their friends.  What’s unique about this park is that the river flows around 3 sides of it, making it feel like a secluded island.  Since the large dog area is not fenced off from the river, pet parents should be cautious and observant if their dog is an enthusiastic swimmer or a weak swimmer playing close to the edge.  The river can really pick up speed during the wet months and can easily be a drowning hazard if not well monitored.  What goes hand in hand with water?  Goose poop.  There’s lots of it.  It makes it unpleasant to walk through and my dogs immediately abandoned playing to feast on the little green treats.  We got out of there quick before one of them thought about rolling in it.  I also thought the neighborhood was a little sketchy.  The park is right off an industrial area, there were people working on their car in the parking lot, and there was another man asleep in his car.  It just seemed odd.  But the gentleman that was in the park with his two dogs was absolutely delightful.