Dog Walking

Dog Walking Rates

15 Minute Walk – $18
30 Minute Walk – $24
45 Minute Walk – $30
60 Minute Walk – $36

Outside Business Hours: An additional $5 surcharge will be added for all appointments booked outside normal business hours of 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. 

Holiday Pricing: An additional $10 surcharge will be added for all appointments booked on holidays. Holidays include: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.


dog walkers - Rudy Bears

Our local strolls are a fabulous way for your pooch to get out and explore all of the smells, sights, and sounds of the neighborhood.  They’re the perfect remedy for an afternoon at home alone, giving them just the right amount of attention and exercise.  For them, it’s a slice of doggie heaven.  For you, it means a happier, calmer dog when you arrive home at the end of a long day. 

Dog walks may be booked on an as-needed basis or on a regular weekly schedule.  We will tailor our walks to your instructions, and to your dog’s fitness needs. Your dog walker will ensure that your senior walks at a comfortable pace for them. If you have a high energy pooch, your walker will pick up the pace to wear them out.



What Makes Our Service Different

We’re different. In a good way.

We offer a team of highly trained professionals.

Wild Things Pet Services hires skilled employees, not independent contractors. What does this mean to you? By law, a company is not legally allowed to train independent contractors or direct them in how a job is to be performed. In other words, there is no quality control. In order to guarantee that all of our clients receive exceptional care, Wild Things employees undergo extensive background checks, training, regular reviews, and coaching. 

We value consistency.

We value high-quality care and stable, reliable relationships with our clients and their pets. Unlike many dog walking companies, we do not rotate staff members between jobs on a daily basis. As a Wild Things pack member your pet will see the same familiar, caring face each day; and you’ll have peace of mind knowing there aren’t different people coming in and out of your home.

We know the importance of having a back-up.

Life is unpredictable. People get sick, cars won’t start, family emergencies occur. Our main priority is to keep this from ever affecting your pet’s care. This is why the team approach is so important. If your regular care provider is unavailable, you will be provided a backup dog walker. Whenever possible, we will give you ample notice so that you can set up a time to meet them if you wish to do so.

State of the art technology.

We utilize state of the art technology to provide our clients with convenient and hassle-free scheduling, instant visit updates with notes, pictures, and route tracking, and effortless online bill payment options.