We are proud to provide pet sitting and dog walking services to Glendale Heights and its neighboring communities. I was blessed to grow up in this wonderful area, and credit it with driving my passion for dogs and the nature! My childhood dog and I spent endless hours hiking through the picturesque parks and forest preserves and canoeing at Herrick Lake. There was no greater joy in my life than spending that time with my best friend. Today it is such a delight to share those precious memories and create new ones by walking dogs in this incredible area!


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Glendale Heights and the surrounding communities are rich in pet friendly neighborhoods and an extensive park system. It is truly a pleasure to provide dog walking, pet sitting, and dog park play dates to the pets that call it home! Our experienced dog walker and pet sitters always go above and beyond to treat your pets to all of the love and excitement they can handle when we come to visit. We can’t wait to show you how much fun they’re having through journals and pictures of our time together!



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We take pride in hiring the best, because your pets deserve the best! Our Glendale Heights dog walkers and pet sitters are reliable professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional care to furry family members. With our extensive training and continued learning programs, you can rest easy knowing that your babies are in the best of hands.  



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Glendale Heights and the surrounding area is a haven for forest preserves, dog parks, and specialty pet shops. It is a fantastic place to be a pet parent and truly heaven for the pets they love!


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