Puppy Jump Start Program

During this 8 week dog training program we help you teach your puppy practical skills both in and out of the home in order to help your puppy become the best dog he can be. Our Puppy Jump Start Program has three primary objectives:

To assist you in eliminating common puppy behavior problems such as:

Puppy Biting/Mouthing
Excessive Barking

To teach you and your puppy the following essential training commands:

Potty Training
Loose Leash Walking
Crate Training (if desired)
Off The Furniture (if desired)

To provide knowledge, guidance and training during socialization activities. This includes:

In-home desensitization to handling of paws, ears and mouth.

Introduction to loud noises such as vacuums, lawn mowers and door bells.

Desensitization to handling during vet and grooming appointments.

Controlled real world socialization with other people and dogs during trips to pet friendly stores, public streets, dog parks and/or puppy groups.

Body Language Basics

Learn to understand what your dog is telling you.  Often times we ignore or misinterpret what our dogs are telling us, which can damage the relationship we have with them. We will give you a crash course in dog body language so that you can recognize signs of fear and anxiety.