“I can’t say enough great things about this pet service. We got a new puppy and needed some dog walking on short notice. Corinne came out to meet with me and she and her associate were so kind. They explained every kind of service they could provide and we worked out times her service could come that woud work best for us and our pet, not on their schedule. They also send updates via their online service after every visit (and even include pictures!) as to how the visit went. The online scheduling service is amazing and so convenient. Often times, I have to change my schedule at the last minute and Corinne has been more than understanding and accomodating in being able to come by the house at the drop of a hat. I also love the online billing. I pay all of my bills online and it’s so convenient to include my pet service care into my payment system. Wild Things Pet Service is a must to check out if you need service! Thank you to Corinne and her staff for keeping our puppy happy and safe and for giving us peace of mind!!!”  Shannon B. via Yelp

Shannon B. and Kaia

“We love Wild Things Pet Services! Derby and Lola absolutely love Adrienne and she was such a pleasure to work with. Corinne is understanding of all of our needs and Wild Things even helped us with a weekend feeding while we were getting married! Thanks Wild Things – you guys are the best!”  Taryn Y. via Facebook

Taryn Y., Lola & Derby

“I am so happy we found Wild Things. We got a puppy in April and they have been so helpful with extra walks to make sure he gets out a lot when we can’t always be around. Corinne is so responsive (I’ve even requested same day help and had immediate response!) and everyone that has come for our pup has been so thorough in their report and so friendly to work with! Having her and her team around has made a world of difference for us!”  Katie K. via Facebook

Katie K. and Finn
I’ve been using Wild Things since last April, and have been very happy with the level of service they’ve provided. Corinne operates her business with total integrity and is completely invested in providing great service. I have two male Belgian Shepherds – they’re very high energy and are big on testing boundaries; they require a seasoned dog person to keep them in line. One is a puppy that I rescued earlier this year; I haven’t had time to train him as much as I’d like, and Jeff has offered to help during his service visits; letting me know what behavior he observes, and requesting permission to try specific behavior modifications. Jeff is excellent with the dogs, and they enjoy his visits. Belgians are neurotic; if mine get upset, they tear up the house – I’ve had none of that when they’ve been in Jeff’s care. Jeff has been very respectful towards me. e.g., asking where to put dog waste bags, where the dog towels are stored for rainy days, and won’t hesitate to ask questions in order to better know my dogs. I can tell it’s important to Jeff to do a good job, and I appreciate that. He’s brought his own equipment at times – once he accidentally left behind a really nice double lead. My puppy had to have surgery on both elbows, and Jeff was great with him through the pup’s recovery, making sure that his activity levels were kept in line, and giving him his medications. Jeff’s reliability has been exemplary, and I completely trust him and Corinne with my dogs’ care. He’s always been on time, and is excellent about sending status updates. I believe he genuinely likes my dogs, and treats them as if they were his own.
Wild Things is the first dog walking service I’ve ever used (a job change made my commute and work days much longer) and I was anxious about finding the right service provider. I contacted Corinne based on her experience with a challenging dog breed, and I couldn’t be happier. These are genuine dog people who know what they’re doing.
Erika P., Wylie & Rowdy

Tim is an AMAZING, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. He has taught my 4 month Bernese Mountain puppy a new great behavior everyday! She is well on her way to being a great canine companion!!! Call this company! They are wonderful, hard working and always there for their customers!!!

Stacy B. and Quinn

Wild Things Pet Service is a wonderful group of people who love animals. My family is so lucky to have found such a genuine group of animal lovers. They jump in to help out anytime and have always provided the best of care for my dog Finnegan. She has just turned one and I must say Corinne and staff have become her extended family. We love Wild Things and I am thrilled to share the great news about them to anyone who has a pet. They get a perfect 10 from me and Finnegan of course!

Mary G. and Finnegan

I can’t speak highly enough of Wild Things Pet Services. Initially Corinne was hired to take our English Setter Cooper on walks and to the park. Cooper has a lot of energy and he just loved his playtime with Corinne. For the past year Tim has been the one to take him on training walks. Cooper adores Tim and gets so excited when he sees Tim pull into our driveway – Cooper knows he gets to go on another fun walk. Even though training is included in Cooper’s walk, Cooper doesn’t view it as training since he’s outside with Tim and enjoying life. The training has really helped Cooper and he’s so much better now when we take him for a walk. It’s clear to see that Tim knows how to train dogs. If I mention an issue with one of our dogs Tim always offers a training tip on how to change the dog’s behavior. We’ve hired Tim to train our rescue puppy Foxie which will start in January and I know he’ll do a great job. If you’re looking for a service where the staff clearly loves what they’re doing and will take great care of your pet while it’s under their watch then contact Wild Things. You will definitely be pleased with the results.

Jane K. and Cooper

I just wanted to thank you for Brie this past week.  I just love her.  She sent me updates 3x’s a day with pictures – it really set my mind at ease that Layla was being taken care of and she was ok being home alone.  We ended up getting back earlier than I expected so I told her she didn’t need to come for the afternoon visit.  We came home to find a little frame with a collage of pics of Layla that she created.  It really made me smile!!

Missi B. and Layla

Corinne is awesome!  I have the highest respect for her, both personally and professionally.  She is highly self-disciplined and dedicated to her work.  Most important, she is genuine in her compassion and love for animals, and Murphy loves her right back.  She is a unique blend of natural ability, common sense, wittiness and sincerity.  It is good people like Corinne, who give of themselves in real service, that make a company great.  Corinne will often send simple updates always with a sense of humor – sometimes with a photo!  Corinne is dependable, trustworthy, cares about her clients, flexible.  She shares her expertise when posed with questions, she communicates her concerns when she observes something out of the ordinary related to Murphy’s health or behavior, and she is genuine in her compassion.  Frankly, I could go on and on about her ability to care for not only animals but the clients, too.  The other day, Corinne moved some furniture to save it from a leaky roof – surely not in her job description, but a service that is certainly one of a person that believes in “going the extra mile.

Joni S. and Murphy

Availablity…the best. I never know when I have to run downtown…sometimes until the morning of. You have always been there for me and my two dogs.

Communication…the best. I never doubt you know exactly what I need you to do. And I like the rapport and easy communication you established with my two dogs. They get it when people get them and it shows.

Knowledge of pet health, etc…very impressed. The multipage survey you asked me to fill out was unexpected and well thought-out. Made an indelible impression on me regarding your professionalism.

Gary A., Chocolate & Bella