Very happy with and indebted to Wild Things Pet Services.  My dogs now get excited if I tell them that “Tim” is coming!  It gives me piece of mind knowing that they aren’t stuck in the house on long days when we are at work.  I also love that the walker will often give quick feedback after the walks!  We are so glad to have found them!
Heather W., Mike A., Bee & Izzo

I moved to  St Charles and was so happy we found you on Pet Sitters International, it was your logo and company name that caught my eye with the details in the drawing.  It shows in with your attention to my cat Lily is amazing. She’s always so happy when we get home, I can tell she likes Corinne.  You make Lily feel safe and comfortable.  Communication while I’m away is great, when we were in England and you texted me that the storm had come through and came and check on the house and Lily after was so great.  You always pay such good attention to her and I can tell you love who ever you are taking care of.  I loved seeing the photo of her relaxing with you on the rug in my house. I miss my cat when I’m away, but I know she’s being loved and taken care of. You always leave the house so clean and tidy. Thank you for all you do for her and me!

Anne-Marie S. and Lily

I needed someone to take care of my rats while we were on vacation.  I was very thankful to find someone willing to do it, as you can imagine they’re not most peoples’ cup of tea.  Not only did Corinne feed them for the week we were away, she stayed (off the clock so to speak) to play with them.  I was delighted to get updates and pictures of them playing and will not hesitate to call Wild Things again the next time we’re away.

Rachel H., Cindle, Shiva, Arona

Rocky and I just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of him and obviously spoiling him.  We are all glad you took the time to make friends with him.  I would highly recommend your services to anyone with a shy dog!

Nancy R. and Rocky

I’ve been a customer for a long time have watched this company grow at leaps and bounds and its amazing. I can say that the treatment to my pups Lucy and Ricky has always been absolutely wonderful. The personable part of the owner Corrine and her staff is the best! I have and will always recommend their service to anyone in our area. ” via Google

Amy E., Lucy and Ricky

Thank you so much, Tim, for the outstanding dedication and commitment you gave to our puppy and my family, it was outstanding!  We were incredibly impressed with how Athena has turned out with the help of your training and your expertise!  We take her to public places all the time and constantly get compliments.  Given the fact that Athena is a Presa Canario, and looks like a bully breed, people are vary cautious to approach her.  But then she wins them over with her excellent temperament and training!  I highly recommended you to all my friends, family, and co workers that are seeking everything from dog sitting to walking to the most intense training!

Adam, Hillary, and Athena

Thanks so much for taking my dog Sam to the park, he had the BEST time! I can always tell when he’s played hard, because he comes home and crashes for the rest of the night. From what you told me about his fight not to get back in the car to go home, he would have happily stayed til the end of his days. From both my husband and I, thanks for a night of relaxation. Can’t wait until his next play date!

Katie & Dan S. and Sampson

Corinne has been taking care of our dog Bailey since he was a puppy. We know Bailey loves her and we love knowing that he is in such good care when we are not home. Corinne has been wonderful with him and puts our minds at ease.  Thanks Corinne!

Claudia, Eric M. and Bailey

Corinne is simply the best!!  You can tell how great Corinne is with our beloved pet just by how our dog Shelby reacts when she comes to pick her up.  Shelby will jump up and down with joy and wiggle her whole body in excitement and run right into her car forgetting that I ever existed!!  It is clear how much Corinne loves animals and we completely trust her with Shelby.  Corinne is knowledgeable and is always great with following up on any health concerns we may have.  We are certain Shelby is a better dog for having Corinne in her life.  She is especially well socialized with other doggies and has great manners she’s obviously picked up from her step brothers and sisters!  I have already recommended Corinne to many other dog owners and will continue to do so.  We are so lucky to have found her!!

Laura, Mike F. and Shelby

When I got called on a last minute business trip, I felt great knowing that Jasper was with someone who truly loves and understands animals.  He was extremely well cared for and got to go on serveral play-dates to the beach.  He received lots of personal attention and affection.  It was like a mini vacation for him!  I have recommended Wild Things to all my friends and family and I will be calling again if I need to leave town. Excellent to deal with on all accounts!

Dave W. and Jasper