Backyard Games & Sports

30 Minute Backyard Game – $20

Treat your play-obsessed pooch to 30 minutes of bliss and fantastic exercise from the comfort and safety of your backyard.  Whether your dog is young and energetic or a senior in need of mental stimulation, we have the perfect options for you!  More than one dog?  No problem!  We’ll bring enough toys to go around.



Perfect for medium to high energy dogs.

Whether your dog is a ”fetch” fiend, disc dog, soccer pro, flirt pole fanatic, or an aspiring agility star, our play professionals will give them some wildly fun play time.  We provide the tennis balls, Chuckits, Frisbees, soccer balls, flirt poles, agility jumps, and an array of other fun toys so they’ll never be without them when we come to play!


Brain Games & Scent Games

Perfect for seniors and dogs with disabilities.

Just because your dog’s body has slowed down doesn’t mean his mind has done the same.  As your dog’s physical abilities decrease it becomes all the more important to keep their mind sharp, active and engaged in the world.  Not only will this dramatically improve quality of life, it can also eliminate or reduce age-related cognitive decline.

In this mentally invigorating adventure we’ll engage your senior in indoor and outdoor games that focus on nosework.  We’ll utilize an array of Nina Ottosson brain games, puzzle balls, and homemade puzzles to keep your dog mentally stimulated.  If your dog is up for a greater challenge, we’ll spend our time together training and practicing the basics of nosework, including searching for objects, tracking, tracking with distractions, and more!