Hike Hounds

Regional Park Hike – $36

_DSC0278During this hour-long adventure we’ll hike the local forest preserves and sniff out the scent of bunnies in the grass.  Dogs crave the exciting sights, sounds and smells that only the great outdoors can provide.  Our hikes help maintain mental sharpness, while the rigorous exercise helps maintain physical strength and endurance.  Our walkers will be sure to rest and hydrate your dog throughout this exciting adventure, keeping them comfortable and motivated.  They get all their energy out so they return home quiet and tired for the rest of the day.

Weather Policy:

Due to the nature of Midwest weather, hikes are weather permitting.  For your pet’s safety, hikes will not be held during extreme weather, including temperatures below 10 degrees or above 90 degrees.  Make sure your dog is prepared with any warm clothes they may need in the winter months and keep them well groomed during the summer months to avoid overheating.  Hikes will not be held during heavy rain or lightning storms.  In the event of a weather cancellation, your dog will receive a 30 minute walk and you will be refunded or credited the difference.