One Hour Adventure:

One Dog – $30
Two Dogs – $50
Three Dogs – $70

_DSC9738Give your social dog the gift of outdoor exercise, stimulation, and a ton of fun with our group adventures in approved off-leash areas.  Play dates will be held at off-leash hiking trails including but not limited to Batavia’s Bark Park, Aurora West Off Leash Dog Park, and Fox River Bluff Off Leash Dog Area.

Your dog will have a blast running, swimming and socializing with other dogs who have been screened for compatibility.  They will come home healthier, happier and dog tired!

Dog Park Play Dates are currently offered in our St. Charles, Batavia, Bartlett, and Wheaton service areas.  We believe in keeping dogs in small packs to maintain optimum safety.  Our play date supervisors are trained and experienced in handling a small pack of dogs, always keeping their safety first.



Park Play Date Time Slots

We are currently offering the following Park Play Date time slots.  Each shift consists of an hour of park play time in addition to the time to and from the park.

_DSC9864The times are as follows:
9:00 am to 11:00 am
11:00 am to 1:00 pm
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm



Important Park Information: 

Dog Park Play Dates are held at off-leash hiking facilities, some of which are not fully fenced.  We hike to ensure that all dogs are getting the maximum amount of exercise, as well as to discourage and avoid dog fights that arise when groups of dogs mass together around their stationary humans.  While we actively avoid trails that pose an unnecessary risk to the dogs’ safety, it is absolutely mandatory that your dog have reliable recall skills.  If your dog is a flight risk, this is not an activity for them.

Dog parks in the Bartlett and Wheaton areas require permits to enter. Permits must be provided to your play date supervisor on the day of service and will be returned to you after the day’s service is completed.


Our adventure pups are encouraged to do what they love.  This includes swimming, running, and occasionally wrestling in the mud.  We will do our best to clean up your pup at the end of their adventure so that your home isn’t destroyed upon their return. Whether this requires a brushing or a thorough rinse in the tub, we do our best to send them home presentable.

Pictures and Videos:

We do take pictures and videos on the walks that we will send to you periodically so you can check out your dog’s friends and what kind of adventures he or she is going on.

Training Information:

Park Play Dates are offered to trained and social dogs.  Prior to being admitted into the pack, all dogs must demonstrate reliable recall skills and appropriate play behavior.  You can be assured that your dog is with other well-behaved social canines.  We do reinforce commands on our walks, making sure everyone is playing respectfully with each other as well as listening to their play date supervisor.  We bring good treats to reinforce good behavior. Please inform us if your dog has any food allergies.

Weather Policy:

Due to the nature of Midwest weather, Park Play Dates are weather permitting.  For your pet’s safety, Park Play Dates will not be held during extreme weather, including temperatures below 10 degrees or above 90 degrees.  Make sure your dog is prepared with any warm clothes they may need in the winter months and keep them well groomed during the summer months to avoid overheating.  Park Play Dates will not be held during heavy rain or lightning storms.  In the event of a weather cancellation, your dog(s) will receive a 30 minute walk and you will be refunded or credited the difference.